Mayor For Cambridgeshire - explaination

Running for Mayor of Cambridgeshire had a number of objectives

  • To get a number of ideas into the political arena

  • To learn the state of local democracy

  • To raise my personal profile in Cambridgeshire

  • To learn more about Cambridgeshire

  • To get enough votes to be able to look the Mayor in the eye and have respect

    All but the last one of these was successful

  • Ideas

    • Promote the building of a Wash barrier

    • Promote building of Northstowe as a New Town

    • Build the houses needed by using a modular system

    • Various ideas relating to transport (See link here)

  • Local Democracy

    I have to conclude that local democracy is dead! The media totally marginalised my candidature, giving time and space only the three main party political candidates

  • Profile

    Judging by the number of people who say they voted for me as a travel around the county, I think this was a success

  • The challenges facing Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounds and Fenland are totally different. The idea that a Combined Authority is the right way to solve them is wrong.

For what it is worth,

  • Cambridge and S Cambs should have been merged, under an executive Mayor.

  • Peterborough should have been expanded to include it’s necklace communities.

  • Fenland should be joined to the Lincolnshire fens and some of West Norfolk with Kings Lynn its capital

Mayor For Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

It is my intention to stand for Mayor in May 2017, assuming this event comes to pass.

My platform is one of empowerment. Government has for too long taken initiative away from people. I will empower people to make their world a better place.

If you want your school to be better funded, then go out and raise funds. If the street is unattractive, go plant some flowers or put up some street art, and so on.

Many people are frightened off from just doing something about it, because they think the council will object.  As Mayor, I will try to help the willing, not get in their way! Use the powers of office to get things done, not to stop them!

If you are interested in hearing more, or even helping with the election please email me. at

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